A downloadable game for Windows

Game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 37.

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You are Lettuce, a little witch who woke up Late.

Gather your things and get ready for school as fast as possible, so you don't miss class!

There are 8 possible endings, and 7 collectible items.

Try to get all items in time.


[Arrow Keys] / [WASD] - Movement

[Space] / [E] - Interact

[Mouse] - For the Hairdresser Mini game



v1.0.0 - Ludum Dare 37 build

Game released

v1.0.1 - First post-Ludum Dare build

-Changed player starting point
-Slower player movement speed
-Changed jump physics (including controllable jump height)
-Repositioned some objects to work with new movement speed and jump curve
-Repositioned cloth pile to the intended position
-Fixed some weird hitboxes
-Fixed a bug where interacting with the hair puzzle would trigger the button mash animation (from the cloth pile puzzle)
-Added WASD (for movement) and E (for interacting) to the controls
-Added sound effects
-Removed a secret debug command


Witching Morning - Ludum Dare 37.zip 25 MB
Witching Morning v1.0.1.zip 25 MB


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Help mehh I dont know which .zip to download @~@. Oh wait nevermind! I know now TwT

Very cute for such a short little game. I wish there was more to it! If you ever expanded this into more of a little game, I would definitely play again :)